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Things will turn out just as they should

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Ohmygosh! Where have I been? Well, I was suffocating. Suffocating under homework. And now it is over. No more teachers, no more books. ‘Nuff said. Feel my heave of relief.

My new job? Full time wedding planner (for my wedding), stay at home mom (hwhat?!), and….you know, Betty Homemaker. The days are flying by….SLLOOOOWWWWW DOWWWNNNNN SUUUMMMMEERRRRRR! Summers are much, much too short in the Midwest. They say all we have here are two seasons: Winter and road construction. Ha. Back to the weddin’.

A LOT has been happening. Well, some days. Some days nothing happens except internet surfing, Etsy perusing, blog stalking…all things that lend hands to making beautiful weddings, but should probably be limited when there is less than 70 days to your wedding. Yikes.

Speaking of weddings, anyone make some MAJOR changes shortly before the wedding? Theme? Location? Date?

Well, we did the latter two. I mean, it wasn’t an earth shattering change for most of the guests, but it was for us. Remember how we were going to do two weddings the same day?  Well, apparently that would be stressful. Huh, whowouldathought?

So, the ol’ fiance popped the question–Should we just get married here? “Here” means not at “home”–not my home, not his home, not our home state. Just our temporary state, where we got relocated due to my internship this year. And “married” means our Catholic wedding, which was always going to happen before our outdoor ceremony. The original plan was to have a small (immediate family, wedding party only) Catholic ceremony at 1 p.m. on our wedding day, take photos and then have a big outdoor ceremony around 5 p.m.

Well, things did not fall together. The priest (fiance’s cousin) had to back out due to obligations at his home parish, using my hometown priest was not so much an option and getting married only outside the church was not optional.On the flip side, we love our priest in our “temporary” city and state, we are here and the time is now (cheesy? yes. But seriously). So I agreed, and now I get to plan two weddings in two different months.  We’ll hold our Catholic wedding here next week with less than our whole family + a few and our outdoor ceremony will continue at 5 p.m. on an August day in South Dakota. Most of our guests will never know the difference.  Yes, I confess I will be yet one more bride that is married before her big wedding day.

So, how does it look when you plan a wedding in 3 weeks? I haven’t exactly figured it out myself, but I will divulge FULL imagery after I am wed next week. Don’t worry, I made sure to find an awesome photographer that will hopefully make me look like I did a better job.

Last week, I was shaking in my boots. Really, I was having naked dreams–you know, the ones where you go to the party naked because you forgot to put on clothes. I think they represent how apprehensive a person can be about not being prepared for something. That is my interpretation anyway. So I tried to pull it all together. And emailed one of my online wedding friends with the confession I was freaking out about getting married in less than two weeks (oh yes, the friends you make on wedding boards that you have never met but understand you better than all of your friends throughout your wedding planning=very important support system) .

Direct excerpt from her response: “It will happen the way it is supposed to and it will be wonderful.”

Sigh. That was exactly what I needed to hear from someone outside looking in. And it will. After that email, I think I relaxed. When we talked to the guitar player who will be furnishing his amazing talents, we just told him to pick whatever he felt like playing that day. Seriously. The priest said after our meeting with him today, “You’re just so laid back about this; you’re the calmest bride I’ve ever had.” Hahahaha. That made me laugh inside. I told him it’s because I get two weddings. What a lucky girl. And everything is going to be OK.

  1. Christa, I think that’s awesome, and I really like your website! Well congratulations, and I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Awww, thanks Joe! You’re going to love the end result!
    Are you going to make it to the August ceremony?

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