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Shoes to know about

In Uncategorized on April 25, 2010 at 8:53 pm

As a service to any brides that might be reading (or shoe snobs, whichever), I need you to know about Butter, if you don’t already. Mmm, not the butter on bread, although that’s good stuff too. Especially scampi butter on sauteed veggies…but yes, back to the shoes.

I know colored shoes are all the rage for brides these days, and I get that because it’s the route I went, but bear with me for a sec…because these are pretty hot:


And maybe something blue?


This classic number is my personal fav of the three, because of the truffle color:


Even though Butter claims to fill the need of designer shoes for girls that still need to pay rent, they continue to be out of my student budget…for now anyway. So why do I even care enough to post about them?

Well, I ordered a couple pairs of these babies hoping to squeeze my feet into them several months ago (they were on sale!).


Sigh, if every shoe site had not been out of my size in these beautiful brown and green Butter Clementines, they would have been mine. After that disappointment, I ordered at least 6 more pairs of shoes just to compare comfort of brands.

Despite my lack of success, I do have to tell you about my love for this particular pair. Receiving them was like getting a Tiffany’s box. I gingerly opened the baby blue lid to find a note from Butter about how the beautiful shoes I had in my lap had been handcrafted in a small Italian shop and how each pair was a little different. I was smitten. The leather and craftsmanship were amazing, the bottom so soft. I had a friend come over to try them on and she actually rubbed the bottoms against her face they were so amazing.

And this is where my love affair with pretty shoes began.

But atlas, even after 6 more rounds of shoe ordering, I grew desperate that I may never find perfection like Butter (or at least something I could afford). So I settled for something in one of my other colors–brown. Yeah, brown. I got sick of looking for green shoes. Have you seen the classifieds section on WeddingBee for the past 5+ months? There is madness for satin, apple green shoes. Someone should notify a manufacturer already. I needed to get past the shoes, so I went ahead and ordered some brown satin shoes on clearance (there I go again with my sales). Why brown? It is functional. I can wear them again and again. White satin? I don’t know if I have anything that goes with that. In retrospect, I would have went with purple, but I didn’t know until last week I’d be adding a color to palette. Whatever, I’m over it. I’ll be dressing them up with some nice shoe brooches and maybe a rhinestone message on the bottom. But this post is not about my shoes, it’s about the shoes I wish for.

I still flirt with shoe racks, hoping there’ll be a beautiful apple green shoe flirting back at me one of these days. But I know better…I’m just a girl that loves to dream.


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