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What are you wearing under there?

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 at 7:31 am

I’m in the market for some fab bra cups. Anyone have a good lead?

I know some people go the full corset thingy route…


…but I don’t think I’m interested. Just make it simple and give me some ‘oomph (believe me, I need it!!!).  I wanna be hooked in tight, with no chance of falling down, if you know what I mean.

And other bras? I don’t know that they’ll work with this:

Personal photo

Ha, I hid the pictures of me in my *real* dress so well, that I couldn’t even find them for this post! Whoops. Anyway, you get the idea.

Meanwhile, as I ponder how to hold up the top shelf, my mind wandered down here:


Super fun, huh? I think I am having someone do a custom rhinestone transfer that is a little twist on this, just because I haven’t found a seller that does single orders for graphic transfer. And I want to PMOP for comfort (pick my own panties, for those out of the know). 😉

But, back to cleavage. Meow.

(Not a personal photo!) Source

How do we get the biggest bang for our buck, so to speak?
I’ll need you to spill it ladies, because I couldn’t find what I needed here.  I know someone is wise beyond their womb here.

  1. Hey, I had bra cups sewn into my dress and loved it!! Davids bridal did it. I also have this sticky bra thing that sticks to ur chest and connects like a bra in the front and is basically like implants on the outside 🙂 I got mine at walmart (believe it or not) and it was cheap! I got it a couple years ago so not sure if they still have them but probably do it really works great for dresses you can’t wear a bra with or even a strapless bra!! Hope you figure it out 🙂

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