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Veil victory!

In Uncategorized on April 17, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Know what I’m excited about? The fact I just ordered a veil.

I didn’t even want a veil…at first. I wanted a hair flower or hair comb, especially with the outdoor wedding, and I didn’t want to cover up the detail on the back of my dress. But my mom threw a fit, because she is programmed for a traditional wedding. And then I see pictures like this:


And this:


And I think, “Heck yeah, I like those pictures. I could do the veil thing for a couple hours.”

But I thought they were overpriced for a couple hours (or one hour) of use. So I told my mom we were going to make a veil when she came to visit and that’d it be a cinch.

Her response, “Oh honey, I don’t think I want that stress. Just order it, and I’ll pay for it.”
Whatev. I thought it would be easy with tutorials like this and this, but I’m okay with less stress. I screw things up anyway, so probably best left to a professional.

So I found a hella good deal from a sweet lady on Etsy that sent my mum some swatches to ensure the champagne-colored dress will match.

And….we’re off! With a simple, single layer cathedral length veil for the church wedding, which will be switched to a hair flower for the outdoor ceremony.  As a double-wedding bride, I can do whatever I want. Right? 😉 Ha. That’s my new philosophy, just trying it out.

Anyway, this is basically what it looks like:


Any potential-DIY project you decided to delegate?


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