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A sweet surprise: kids table inspiration

In Uncategorized on April 10, 2010 at 9:22 pm

I have been thinking about the kids table for a while. Although the rest of the tables at the reception will be rounds, I think the kids table should be rectangular…with little coloring mats at each place setting or one of the coloring books I have seen floating around the internet.

I want the kids to be able to draw on the “tablecloth” by putting butcher paper over the top of the linen covering (you know, like Macaroni Grill). There will be a couple pails of little toys with tiaras for the princesses, Hot Wheels for the princes and crayons all around. What I’m trying to figure out exactly is the semi-edible centerpiece.

Down the center of the table, a rectangular planter of wheat grass like this:


I would cut the wheatgrass shorter, so these little bad boys could stick up:

They’re cheesecake pops! Cheesecake pops to stick out of the grass! 🙂


Delicious, right?

I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have leading up to the wedding, so I had planned on making and freezing the pops ahead of time (and decorating them a little more flower-y).

Well, my mom thinks they “won’t keep” well, so she suggested a peanut butter version. Still contemplating this, but don’t you think they’ll look rockin’ good either way? Mmm.

I was also thinking about possibly skipping the grass and making something like a dirt cake in the planter…the one with oreos, chocolate pudding and gummi worms and having the pops stick out of that. Would just need to come up with a green top layer…

What do you think?
Any insight you could share for a kids table?


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