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Flower power?

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2010 at 5:57 pm

So…I’m obviously in denial about the cost of flowers. I’ve seen other girls in sticker shock about flower quotes of thousands of dollars, and I thought…

“Heck, I’m from the boonies where things don’t cost quite as much.”

Now, granted what I’m talking about is now where near the thousands, because I really don’t have flowers planned into the big day yet (avoiding them). I’ll get there.

Anyway, from the beginning…

After stalking Miss Argyle’s (from WeddingBee) thoughts about using cute clutches instead of BM bouquets, I browsed the shops of my own favorite Etsy sellers and found some PERFECT designs. Example:

And another for good measure: Source

Adorable. Possibly not every girl’s style, but nevertheless, fabulous in my eyes. Anyway, I was weighing whether the girls would prefer some darling clutches at $40something dollars each or if I should just go the flower route.

Well, I was just checking with my newly married (wiser)  sister about the cost of our BM bouquets in her August wedding.

Personal photo

Her bouquet selection had a decent amount of roses and such, and I wasn’t planning anything over-the-top for BM bouquets (at first I thought about some long-stemmed callas, but like I said, not that far yet) that would surely be dead within hours, but I still was only estimating hers to be about $25. I must live under a rock.

She said the bouquets were more like $40 or $50. Well, I’ll be danged. Didn’t think that through very well. Maybe I will just go with my “something gorgeous” clutches that will last a lifetime–or at least until they’re out of style. What do you think?

  1. Thanks for the plug about my bridesmaids carrying clutches! My logic was that I would rather spend money on something I know they would use again – plus it is a modern approach to the whole “carrying a bouquet” thing.

    You could get each girl a different clutch – one that matches their personalities, but still fits with your wedding.

    Best of luck!

    • No problem. Looking forward to finding out what you end up doing (referring to the short, but excited recent post about customized clutches from an Etsy seller). 🙂

  2. Christa – I think this is totally cute! I think it ties into the fun approach of your entire wedding day and they are really cute! Great idea! Have you found any photos of any wedding parties holding the clutches? It would be good to know how they look in photos.

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