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Shoes with my name on them (wink)

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So, just doing a little browsing and can you believe…that Kate Spade named some shoes after me?



The “Christa”

And in my dreams, Kate Spade would also send me a pair for free.

I wish.


Shoes to know about

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As a service to any brides that might be reading (or shoe snobs, whichever), I need you to know about Butter, if you don’t already. Mmm, not the butter on bread, although that’s good stuff too. Especially scampi butter on sauteed veggies…but yes, back to the shoes.

I know colored shoes are all the rage for brides these days, and I get that because it’s the route I went, but bear with me for a sec…because these are pretty hot:


And maybe something blue?


This classic number is my personal fav of the three, because of the truffle color:


Even though Butter claims to fill the need of designer shoes for girls that still need to pay rent, they continue to be out of my student budget…for now anyway. So why do I even care enough to post about them?

Well, I ordered a couple pairs of these babies hoping to squeeze my feet into them several months ago (they were on sale!).


Sigh, if every shoe site had not been out of my size in these beautiful brown and green Butter Clementines, they would have been mine. After that disappointment, I ordered at least 6 more pairs of shoes just to compare comfort of brands.

Despite my lack of success, I do have to tell you about my love for this particular pair. Receiving them was like getting a Tiffany’s box. I gingerly opened the baby blue lid to find a note from Butter about how the beautiful shoes I had in my lap had been handcrafted in a small Italian shop and how each pair was a little different. I was smitten. The leather and craftsmanship were amazing, the bottom so soft. I had a friend come over to try them on and she actually rubbed the bottoms against her face they were so amazing.

And this is where my love affair with pretty shoes began.

But atlas, even after 6 more rounds of shoe ordering, I grew desperate that I may never find perfection like Butter (or at least something I could afford). So I settled for something in one of my other colors–brown. Yeah, brown. I got sick of looking for green shoes. Have you seen the classifieds section on WeddingBee for the past 5+ months? There is madness for satin, apple green shoes. Someone should notify a manufacturer already. I needed to get past the shoes, so I went ahead and ordered some brown satin shoes on clearance (there I go again with my sales). Why brown? It is functional. I can wear them again and again. White satin? I don’t know if I have anything that goes with that. In retrospect, I would have went with purple, but I didn’t know until last week I’d be adding a color to palette. Whatever, I’m over it. I’ll be dressing them up with some nice shoe brooches and maybe a rhinestone message on the bottom. But this post is not about my shoes, it’s about the shoes I wish for.

I still flirt with shoe racks, hoping there’ll be a beautiful apple green shoe flirting back at me one of these days. But I know better…I’m just a girl that loves to dream.

Good things come to those who wait…for the sale

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I admit, I have trouble paying full price for anything. My mom told me growing up to never buy things that weren’t on sale. Like many know-it-all adolescents, I brushed her advice aside and probably ignored it for a number of years. However, 6 years as a student kind of wears on your spending habits, and I’ve recently realized my mother is always right. For example, we didn’t pay retail for my wedding dress, engagement ring, flower girl dress, bridesmaids dresses and the list goes on. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get them brand new; I just found ways to save a few bucks here and there.

I searched for the best photographer for the money, shopped around for best decor prices–something we probably all try to do before making big purchases. It’s the practical thing to do, and I like to consider myself an exceptionally practical bride.

Well, I’ve struck again and let me just say, I’m glad I waited!

Long story short, I fell in love with some jewelry (in Etsy shop #1) with an unpractical price tag–a particular pair of earrings to be exact. So, I looked though the jewelry sections of every store I went to and shopped online bridal galleries for hours to find something that struck my fancy just as much. Sigh. No cigar.

But I did find (almost) the exact  same earrings at another shop while browsing Etsy (shop #2) one day and they were almost 20% cheaper…score!


Giving a courtesy nod to the original seller’s shop where I had fallen in love, I asked if the seller (shop #1) would price match their competitor (shop #2) with the same design. I don’t know if I’ve ever asked anyone to do that, but apparently it doesn’t always work. I got shut down!


The worst they could say was no and they courteously did. No problem.

I would have just gone with the less expensive seller (#2), but I waited…And the story took a turn for the worse. Shop #2 shut down her store!


Crap. Was I going to be faced with spending more money to get what I wanted? I decided to avoid thinking about, for surely this problem would resolve itself. 😉

I instead moved to scoping out bracelets. For this, the criteria was simple: Multiple strand cream pearls with a large brooch. No big deal. I even thought about having my mom just make one for me, but I had a bit of trouble finding an appropriate brooch for DIY.

So, browsing Etsy again, I found this bracelet in shop #3:


…which was an exact replicate of a bracelet that was also at shop #1, except this one was 30% cheaper. I decided not to wait another moment to purchase. But wait! My natural wedding detective  instincts kicked in.


If shop #3 had access to the same hardware as shop #1, maybe shop #3 would also have the earring centerpieces I had fallen for. So I asked. And this time, I did not get shut down. 🙂 Shop #3 would not only make the earrings AND the bracelet, she would make them at more than a 40% total cost savings compared to the original shop. Who can say no to that?
I’m in, and both pieces should be on my doorstep before I know it! Super excited!

Where did you find your favorite deal?

What are you wearing under there?

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I’m in the market for some fab bra cups. Anyone have a good lead?

I know some people go the full corset thingy route…


…but I don’t think I’m interested. Just make it simple and give me some ‘oomph (believe me, I need it!!!).  I wanna be hooked in tight, with no chance of falling down, if you know what I mean.

And other bras? I don’t know that they’ll work with this:

Personal photo

Ha, I hid the pictures of me in my *real* dress so well, that I couldn’t even find them for this post! Whoops. Anyway, you get the idea.

Meanwhile, as I ponder how to hold up the top shelf, my mind wandered down here:


Super fun, huh? I think I am having someone do a custom rhinestone transfer that is a little twist on this, just because I haven’t found a seller that does single orders for graphic transfer. And I want to PMOP for comfort (pick my own panties, for those out of the know). 😉

But, back to cleavage. Meow.

(Not a personal photo!) Source

How do we get the biggest bang for our buck, so to speak?
I’ll need you to spill it ladies, because I couldn’t find what I needed here.  I know someone is wise beyond their womb here.

Decor to die for

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You know those photos that make you want to start over with your decor?

Yeah, I’ve seen some too. In fact, this website was saved as “holy awesome green and brown wedding” in one of my “wedding” folders. Feel free to drool; I did.

Wait for it….

Orchid and ti leaf bouquet…

Placecards in a bed of wheatgrass

Adorable succulent bout:

And there it is. Tall vases line the aisles with green ti leaves wrapped at the bottom with a chocolate (they come in that or you make them that way??) manzanita and a cymbidium orchid, topped with a ball of kermit mums. Sigh…

Little more detail of the altar area:

7 vase (courtesy of Ikea) centerpiece with parrot tulips, cymbidium orchids,  “rustic hydrangeas”, spider mums, bells of Ireland and succulents.  And the table numbers? Michaels–it was a mom project.

(little squeal) Apple shot! (Yep, stealing it)


That wedding is pure apple green and brown ecstasy for me.  I am definitely “borrowing” another component of it, besides the ring shot. Can you guess?

Veil victory!

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Know what I’m excited about? The fact I just ordered a veil.

I didn’t even want a veil…at first. I wanted a hair flower or hair comb, especially with the outdoor wedding, and I didn’t want to cover up the detail on the back of my dress. But my mom threw a fit, because she is programmed for a traditional wedding. And then I see pictures like this:


And this:


And I think, “Heck yeah, I like those pictures. I could do the veil thing for a couple hours.”

But I thought they were overpriced for a couple hours (or one hour) of use. So I told my mom we were going to make a veil when she came to visit and that’d it be a cinch.

Her response, “Oh honey, I don’t think I want that stress. Just order it, and I’ll pay for it.”
Whatev. I thought it would be easy with tutorials like this and this, but I’m okay with less stress. I screw things up anyway, so probably best left to a professional.

So I found a hella good deal from a sweet lady on Etsy that sent my mum some swatches to ensure the champagne-colored dress will match.

And….we’re off! With a simple, single layer cathedral length veil for the church wedding, which will be switched to a hair flower for the outdoor ceremony.  As a double-wedding bride, I can do whatever I want. Right? 😉 Ha. That’s my new philosophy, just trying it out.

Anyway, this is basically what it looks like:


Any potential-DIY project you decided to delegate?

E-pics should be fun!

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“Tis the season to be taking engagement photos, and like many brides, I’ve been looking for unique e-pic inspiration. I mean, if I’m going to pay someone to take photos, they might as well be super fun, right?

That’s why I’m swooning over these:


But in reality, I can’t really picture my man in that outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fabulous, but he would roll his eyes at me. We’re all over the milkshake though. I guess this would be more his style (minus the outfit again ;)):


And this? This is 100% his style (always teasing me :):


Seriously? To the fabulous photographer, thank you for the great idea! I know we will be trying it out!

Okay, one more because I can’t help myself!


Now I’m having fun!

Happy Saturday!

Double the wedding, double the fun!!

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Anyone remember the Doublemint twins? 🙂 I wasn’t prepared to answer jokes about a “double your pleasure” title.

Well, when I say wedding, in this case, I mean ceremony.

Due to many unforeseen obstacles with time, desired location, silliness, etc. we are having two wedding ceremonies to appease the greater audience. I definitely embraced the chaos of two weddings after reading about Miss Jellyfish’s getting married before the wedding on WeddingBee, but at first I wasn’t so sure.

FH was all about getting married before the big party in August, but I was not so much about it, basically because we wouldn’t have been able to manage any kind of mini-honeymoon and our family probably wouldn’t have been able to come. But I still had to solve the other aforementioned issues that had bubbled up in scheduling.

So…two weddings in ONE day! Am I crazy? I don’t think so (anymore). It allows a bit more room for creativity and everyone is happy.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

12:30 ish: Traditional, abbreviated Catholic ceremony at my hometown church. Most people in attendance will be immediate family and those involved in the wedding (wedding party, etc). The pro: Just like old times (I think), the bride and groom will not see one another before the wedding.  🙂

1:15: Commence elaborate wedding photography for about 3-3.5 hours.

5:30 or so: Outdoor ceremony of about 300something friends and family on this 92-foot pier:


If you look super close, you can see the reception venue on the left shoreline.
Ok, I’ll just show you:

See the little green circle? That’s where we’re going when we hop on our getaway boat and ride off to the reception venue. By the time everyone else drives over, we’ll have had time for a nice little joyride around the river before docking at the resort.

It’s a marvelous plan, in my opinion, and now the guests don’t have a big gap between ceremony and reception.

Did you have any scheduling crises before the big day?