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Unity ________?

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2010 at 10:01 pm

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a unity candle or unity sand at the ceremony. I had seen where people combined a glass of white and red wine, but that fell to the side as some of my initial decor ideas changed. But when I saw this photo on a blog I was stalking, I was all over it.


The caption basically said that the husband “built” this unity cross that the couple put together during the ceremony to signify God’s love for them. One piece represents the woman and the other piece, the man. Lovely. Though I was pretty certain a “unity cross” was not kosher for my strictly structured religious ceremony, I am also having an outdoor wedding, so I knew I could fit it in. Question was, how did the darn thing go together and where would I find one? Well, I didn’t find one after hours of scouring the internet, but I did find the same concept here:


The bride represented by the beautiful, intricate inside; the groom represented by the bold, strong outside and they are joined together, never to be taken apart. If you read about it on the website, it sounds better than the way I portray it, but nevertheless, I still wanted a wood-made unity cross.  And I couldn’t find one. So, we implored FH’s uncle, a very talented craftsman, to construct the cross for us.

This weekend when FH was in South Dakota, he picked out the wood (without me even asking!!!!) for his uncle. I was soooo excited and happy he was able to help “half-cross” one more thing off the list. The cross will be made from either zebrawood, walnut, bubinga or a  combination of the three woods. Yeah, I had no clue what those were either, so thank goodness for Google image search.  Either which way, I’m sure it will be a wonderful keepsake, and I can’t wait to see the result!

Are there any unity traditions where you broke away from the norm? And is it true that Hallmark started unity candles?


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