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Outfitting the girls, pt I

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Man, I need to kick it in gear. After a little lull in wedding planning, I am working hard to get the wedding party outfitted in the next week.

I did a little usher shopping before the weekend, and I hope to have a groom/groomsmen update soon. Today, I started to attack the bridesmaid gown task.

Because my stint in St. Louis is temporary and none of the BMs live anywhere near here, I don’t feel particularly obliged to patronize a particular local bridal store, except I will give kudos to the one down the street that introduced me to my own gown.
I checked some stores in my home state, but the ones with the best deals would also require a considerable jaunt from the ‘maids. So, I stumbled across this site that would be about $50 less than retail. I love me a good deal, and I’m pretty sure the girls do to.

Initially I had a bit of trouble finding a good apple green dress, but after some BM trial and error, we settled on the modern, fun line from Alfred Sung in appletini. I think these dresses are casual enough for another wear, although some may disagree. Originally, these were the 3 options the girls could choose from:

My first favorite

Dress numero dos

This one has pockets!


My MOH was eager to get her dress ordered, so we went ahead and ordered her the third little number with pockets in addition to the flower girl dress today. I’ve since extended the dress options to any appletini cocktail dress that comes in peau de soie (a lightweight satin material, for those of us that are not material savvy). The dresses were also available in dupioni, but another bridesmaid and I thought they felt more like curtains and the color was a little different.

Hopefully the rest of the girls find a style that fits their own style and comfort best. I’m also having them pick out their own brown satin shoes. I really wanted to find something flexible for them, but added a nice pop of color. How did I do? What options would you give a faithful bridesmaid for attire?


Unity ________?

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I wasn’t sure how I felt about a unity candle or unity sand at the ceremony. I had seen where people combined a glass of white and red wine, but that fell to the side as some of my initial decor ideas changed. But when I saw this photo on a blog I was stalking, I was all over it.


The caption basically said that the husband “built” this unity cross that the couple put together during the ceremony to signify God’s love for them. One piece represents the woman and the other piece, the man. Lovely. Though I was pretty certain a “unity cross” was not kosher for my strictly structured religious ceremony, I am also having an outdoor wedding, so I knew I could fit it in. Question was, how did the darn thing go together and where would I find one? Well, I didn’t find one after hours of scouring the internet, but I did find the same concept here:


The bride represented by the beautiful, intricate inside; the groom represented by the bold, strong outside and they are joined together, never to be taken apart. If you read about it on the website, it sounds better than the way I portray it, but nevertheless, I still wanted a wood-made unity cross.  And I couldn’t find one. So, we implored FH’s uncle, a very talented craftsman, to construct the cross for us.

This weekend when FH was in South Dakota, he picked out the wood (without me even asking!!!!) for his uncle. I was soooo excited and happy he was able to help “half-cross” one more thing off the list. The cross will be made from either zebrawood, walnut, bubinga or a  combination of the three woods. Yeah, I had no clue what those were either, so thank goodness for Google image search.  Either which way, I’m sure it will be a wonderful keepsake, and I can’t wait to see the result!

Are there any unity traditions where you broke away from the norm? And is it true that Hallmark started unity candles?

Fauxto wall

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I have been pretty concerned with guest entertainment since we started this whole planning shabang.

That’s why I’m so excited about this:


This project hasn’t really taken flight, except for a loose promise for its construction by my father and FH.
I have been keeping an eye out for old photo frames and props, however. Hopefully we can make it sturdy so it doesn’t fall over!

DIY photo booths seem to be the “in thing” these days. The question is…do I hire someone (like maybe a guest that we know loves taking pics with his/her nice camera) to man it for a couple hours or just hope that I get some personal photos from friends/family? I was considering having a download station where people dump their memory cards at the end of the night…but it would be nice to ensure we’d have some of these photos–especially because I want to put them on a public photo sharing site for guests.

How would you keep guests entertained?

Perfect Dress No. 2

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The flower girl dress is an important part of the day for us. Why? Well, as my daughter, she’s a VIP, of course. So she also needs to feel like a princess.

With that said, I know princesses don’t wear brown, but I wanted to go with the color scheme of brown, green and champagne. Since I’ve taken champagne, the BMs have taken green, the FG, by default gets mocha. This way there is no gross color clashing (even if I’m not being overly matchy matchy).

So, here’s the contenders (all adorable) for the August affair:

Watters 49295


Watters 49207
(they also have  matching BM dresses, but not what I’m going for)


Dessy FL4022


Which one would you pick? (And hurry, before the sale is over! haha)
Any ideas you’ve seen to make a flower girl feel special?

Lost in the mail

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I heard an interesting stat while sending application packets to internships last February: 1 in 20 pieces of mail is lost.

Mind you, I’m just repeating something a classmate said a Postal Service employee told her after one of her packets was lost. 😦  I guess that’s why you have insurance and delivery confirmation.  But really, at that rate, we should all expect to have something lost!


In fact, now that I think about it, the check my fiance sent for my engagement ring also got lost in the mail last year (we were dealing long distance, obviously). Of course, he went through the hassle of cancelling the original check and resending…but our diamond broker received the first check a month later.

If you think about it, I may send out around 600 or so wedding invites: that means up to 30 recipients may not get his or her invite. Now, I would probably be okay with this if I could select whose invitation would get lost (jk, kind of) but it is a little unnerving in that perspective.

No bashing the USPS by any means. I know those guys work long and hard to get us what we need, but sometimes reality is scary.

Any horror stories out there about a lost envelope or package?

Finding the perfect dress

In Uncategorized on March 14, 2010 at 9:36 pm

Finding a wedding dress was easy, almost disappointingly easy. I mean, obviously I’m grateful I didn’t have to stress about it for a long time, but at first I thought I missed out on something. In October, I stopped in at a bridal shop right down the street from my place in St. Louis because they were having a sample sale. I was a sample sale virgin, so I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Needless to say, I found nothing on the sample side (boo), but the shop carried a line I fell in love with–Essense of Australia. My daughter, friend Kaile and intern friend (and bride-to-be) Whitney came along to help with photos and fitting. The shop consultant was amazing. Based on my responses to the initial dresses, she pulled the perfect gown for me. Essense has the most gorgeous dresses, and this *one* was sooooo comfortable. I could have slept in it.  Both ladies thought it could be the winner. I also agreed it was a tough contender but wasn’t willing to give up my big dress shopping experience. So, I took a trip to Omaha to see of my other girlfriends and bridesmaids and try again.

It seems like brides always find love in something they weren’t looking for. I had a list of several dresses I wanted to try and the shop didn’t have many of them. The first dress I tried on–BAM! It was stellar. But did it beat the St. Louis dress? There were a couple obstacles. I tried on the St. Lou Essense dress in champagne and fell in love with the richness of the color. In fact, I arranged my wedding colors around it. The closest color in this Nebraska-found dress was light gold, and I wasn’t so sure about it after falling in love with the champagne. That, and I just wasn’t digging the taffeta as much as the satin (comfort, comfort, comfort). It was just one of those things where, once I tried it, I was having trouble going back.

On the flip side, this newly discovered dress was a little less expensive, and it’s always nice to save a few bucks here and there when you can. I left torn. So I price shopped and endlessly Google searched the model numbers for other bride photos. I ended up accidentally finding the Essense dress in the exact size and color I needed on Craigslist. It was new and the girl was selling it for about 30% off the retail price. Long story short, I went for it. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to go shopping with my mom and all of the wedding party, but I got over it. There was only one shop in South Dakota that carried my dress anyway, and time off over the holidays was against my side. It was unlikely that I would have gotten everyone together. So it must have been fate. Hopefully my mom wasn’t too disappointed.

Although I can’t show you the winner, I will show you the dress that lost the battle. Maggie Sottero’s Coco:

It’s really a very flattering dress. I just couldn’t get the Essense off the mind.  Especially after trying them both on for MOH Katie and attendant Lacey when I  stopped see them in South Dakota before the holidays. The Maggie at the SoDak shop was probably twice my size and gave me a very different impression of the dress. I was swimming in the extra material and it wasn’t nearly as flattering the second time around.

Thank  you to the lovely ladies that helped me out on the Nebraska dresscapade–  BMs Kayla and Christine and fellow dietetics grads/fab friends Megan and Tracey. You guys rocked, and I’m super bummed we  didn’t  get a group photo!

Why I got started

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Why didn’t I start sooner, really? I mean, I am already spending many long evenings/and nights scouring wedding-related sites looking for fresh inspiration.

I may as well share it with all of you!

I’m basically in my 6th year of education and I needed something new to distract me from doing homework. But seriously…

Surfing wedding blogs, sites and related photos has become a regular escape for me over the past year–sometimes blissful, sometimes frustrating. Usually a part time job. All of this wedding planning has led to several secondary “conditions”:

Jewel fetish:

We spent over a year looking at rocks and settings before finally having this little beauty      designed. I think we’re pretty pleased with the result. More on that later.

Photography fetish:
I could give you an elaborate ranking of many photographers in my tri-state area…and then some. Photo blog stalking has probably become my favorite procrastination activity.

Shoe fetish: It began when I first saw these sexy things–B.P. Enlightenment from Nordstrom’s.

Are they mine? I wish. These babies are impossible to get your hands on. There are a couple other perfect apple green color versions, but they are also impossible to find. Apparently apple green is a popular color this year and last year. My next best find was these hip things:

After ordering and returning two sizes, they were simply out of my size. But I digress. I guess I just needed a shoe pity party for a second. Just FYI, I did settle on some budget friendly brown ones. Brown is not smokin’ hot, but it is functional. Anyway, my point is that I’ve ordered (and thankfully returned) many shoes this year of wedding planning….and I may have kept a few (or more) steals along the way.

Moreover, the most important reason for starting this wedding blog is probably to keep those who care up to speed on developments…including the fiance and friends/family that are several hours away. It can be a bummer to be so far away from the people you love and those that you would rely on for opinions. That, and my friend Sheena probably needs a break from all the wedding emails I sent her; now I can divert them to the blog. So, buckle up and check back often. I hope you find something that interests you.